• John B. Smith Jr., M.D.

    Nationwide’s services have helped me grow my practice. I can focus on medicine and let them worry about the paperwork.

  • Relief Jones, III, M.D.

    I’ve been utilizing the credentialing and contract management services of Nationwide Credentialing for nearly three years. They were first recommended to me by a friend who decided to outsource this function after doing it internally in his office for years. He told me it was the best move he ever made and that the improved…

  • Jerry Moyers, Practice Administrator

    As soon as we signed on with Nationwide our credentialing problems went away. We had been trying to get our new office on Medicare for over 8 months and Nationwide cleared that up in a very short time. Highly recommended.

  • Vanessa Seagram, Office Manager

    Nationwide has taken a huge paperwork burden off our shoulders and knowing our credentialing is being done properly is very comforting.

  • James Calhoun, M. D.

    I was referred to Nationwide by a fellow Physician and our decision to use them has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I now have more time to focus on my primary duty, taking care of my patients.

  • Kazal Nallur, M.D.

    Opening a practice is very stressful and I wanted to outsource as much as I could to make the process smoother. Nationwide Credentialing was the perfect choice! Thank you so much!

  • Jacob Kelley, M. D.

    Quite frankly our credentialing was a mess. Tammy Luker and her staff at Nationwide got us back on track. Their staff is very easy to work with and they get the job done.

  • Kimberly Chan, M.D.

    I never knew just how important credentialing was…until I realized I wasn’t being paid properly. Nationwide Credentialing corrected my problems professionally and efficiently and we’re no longer leaving money on the table.

  • Robert F. Alexander, M. D.

    We attempted to do credentialing in-house thinking it was just mundane “paperwork”. We were wrong! The management of contracts and credentialing is a tedious and precise job that requires experience. We ran into Nationwide at a trade show and after speaking with Tammy realized we needed their services. Best decision ever!

  • Quang Le, DO

    I started my practice in 2004 and have used Tammy Luker and Nationwide Credentialing from the start. I’ve continued to grow my practice and have added 2 physicians and several PA’s over the years. It has been an extremely smooth process because of Nationwide Credentialing. They handle all of our contracting and credentialing needs and…