Information for new Physicians

Medical credentialing is essential to starting or building a practice. In addition to receiving privileges at hospitals, credentialing also ensures that physicians can accept third party reimbursement from health insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid. With fewer patients paying out of pocket, you can expect that in order to be paid correctly, you will need to be credentialed properly

Starting a new practice is challenging enough, so why not lay a solid foundation for success by ensuring all of your credentials are complete and compliant with Nationwide Credentialing? We obtain, negotiate and complete all credentialing applications to hospitals, health plans, Medicare and Medicaid. All you have to do is review the documents and sign! Once submitted, we will track each set of documents through completion. Following credential setup, we will work with your practice to ensure that all future credentialing and contracting needs are handled and fulfilled.

By allowing Nationwide Credentialing to fulfill your credentialing and managed care contracting needs, you reduce your initial overhead by abolishing the need to hire and train someone to handle the hassles and continued follow up required with credentials and managed care paperwork.